Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Schwinn Sports Tourer.This is a rare find. I think it is a 22 inch frame. It has a TA Crank, La Tour Derailler, a Brooks Saddle, high flange hubs and many other goodies. I believe it to be a 1972 vintage bike hand made in the Chicago Factory. It has a milage indicator on the front hub and it says 289 miles and I believe that to be the true milage. It is very clean with only a few scratches, the tires hold air and the brakes work. The saddle alone is worth $80.00.

Huffy 3 speed boys bike.

This is an AMF girls bike. Its a 5 speed and its very clean.

One of my current projects. Probably this one closest to my heart. I want to change the bottom bracket for a Campy BB and put another crank with at least a 52 chain ring on it. I am also looking for a 2 speed kick back hub. The saddle is temporary until I can get another one I have restored with honey colored leather. It is actually really fun to ride and as soon as I finish it I think it will be my main commuter.

Red Typhoon circa 1969. With Ape Hangers, Kevin rode it in the Belleville night ride last year and said that it was the most fun he had all summer.

Kevin's ( my oldest son) SS/Fixie. We got the frame from a friend for the MS 150 and Kevin hasn't ridden it much in its multi geared form. He likes it as it is now.
Its and old Austro Daimler and I think looks really sweet with the black Alex rims.

This is my 750 the hybrid. It is my main commuter. It is currently a single speed. I've used this bike for commuting for the last 17 years. I bought it used for $162.00. I think I got my money's worth...

My current whip, a rescued Trek 610 series bike. I can't figure out the year. The serial number puts it in 82 but the seat tube decals ad the lack of braze-ons make me think it is earlier (79?). My other Trek (the 710) is an 81 and the seat tube decal was a one piece decal.
I currently have about $5.00 in this along with parts I had lying around (wheels, seat, etc.). the only cost was for a 5 speed Sun Tour freewheel (NOS). It is a great road/tourer. I plan to put many miles on it this year while rebuilding my 710.

My wife's Jeannie Longo. Its a great bike. I purchased it in 86 and it is still as good as many bikes built today.

This is a steel nashbar frame. I use it mainly as a commuter. It has hybrid gearing so it probably wouldn't make a good single track bike.
The seat is for pictures only, the black Typhoon has the seat that belongs here...I'm not riding this much.

This is a steel nashbar frame. $35.00 for the frame and some for the parts. It is a great bike for my son.

This is a mystery frame. It belonged to my mother-in-Law. I plan to build it up for riding. It probably will not be restored period correct...we'll see.